Fall Color Update 2016


Photo taken by Madeline Gallegos

10/28 Fall 2016 is coming to an end! With the threat of brisk winds, this is likely the last weekend to see the leaves on the trees in all areas.

10/25 This is it folks fall is peaked in the EUP and past at Tahquamenon Falls! The cold nights brought fall on fast after the slow start, but it’s been a stunning array of colors. If you don’t make it this weekend the strong wind the weather people are calling for will likely pull down the mass majority of the leaves.

10/21 If  you can’t make it this weekend you might miss peak color in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Tahquamenon Falls is bursting with color and starting to lose leaves as they hit peak a week ago. The photo above was taken 10/20 from Mission Hill just up the road from Point Iroquois Lighthouse so the area west of Brimley is extremely colorful. Sault Ste. Marie is still a little behind but not by much. For great fall drives visit here.

10/18 Tahquamenon Falls is at peak color saturation as of today! If you want to see the falls in all their colorful glory this is really the last week. The fall storms have started this week and threaten to blow the leaves off the trees. Point Iroquois Lighthouse has closed for the season but you can still enjoy the boardwalks and beach of Whitefish Bay/Lake Superior. The forest around the lighthouse is still hovering around 65-70% color saturation. Sault Ste. Marie is also at 65-70%.

10/14 If you can’t make it to Tahquamenon Fall this weekend you might miss peak color. Sault Ste. Marie and Point Iroquois Lighthouse is still a week or so behind the falls at 75%. It felt like fall would never happen and now it’s almost over. I’m headed out to the lighthouse this weekend myself so hopefully I will have a new photo for you.

10/11 Fall is finally here at Tahquamenon Falls! Park rangers are saying the color is at 75% color saturation and will be 100% by the weekend. Sault Ste. Marie and Point Iroquois Lighthouse is still lagging at about 50%. The next few nights will be in the mid-thirties so we might see some great color this weekend.

10/7 Along the waterfronts the color is still very green in all areas only about 45%, but inland the color is pushing 70%. If you’re specifically looking to visit Tahquamenon Falls or Point Iroquois Lighthouse you could wait another weekend, but if fall color is your mission, in general, this would be a good weekend to visit.

10/4 Sault Ste. Marie is still on the green side with only about 25% color saturation. The lighthouse keeper out at Point Iroquois said the color is about 30-40% along the water. Tahquamenon Falls had a stunning weekend of color and jumped to 50% with the color temps. If your planning a trip to the falls to take in the autumn color you may want to do it soon.

9/30 Cooler temperatures mean better fall colors and the nights have been in the forties. Sault Ste. Marie and Point Iroquois Lighthouse are still only about 10% color saturation. However, Tahquamenon Falls colors are starting to really pop at about 30%.

9/27 It looks like we are going to be about 1-2 weeks behind for our peak fall colors. We are still hovering around 5%.

9/23 We still haven’t had many changes yet. We are at about 5% of our fall colors, but with the temperature dropping, it shouldn’t be very long until we start seeing those beautiful colors shine.

9/20 It’s early and things are still very green, but we’re starting to see some reds peeking through and some yellows falling on the ground in all locations!

Check back on Tuesdays and Fridays  for updates from Sault Ste. Marie to Paradise Michigan.

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